• Thai village of stilt houses, near Mai Chau. Northwest Vietnam

    Business Opportunity

    Vietnam Global Network is a leading source for finding business opportunities —along with a number of distributorships, JV partners we have many Vietnam Local Business contacts that are doing well and looking to extend their business overseas — any one of which may be specific to your needs. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your business goals by providing you access to the perfect opportunity. Contact us today!

  • Vietnam Market Study

    A feasibility analysis is an important step in business start-up and development. As an entrepreneur, you can greatly increase your chances of success by analyzing your business concept, your market place, your industry and competition, and your financial and organizational structures. Whether you plan to expand an existing business, acquire an existing business, or start a new business, a feasibility analysis will evaluate your preliminary business idea to see if it is worth pursuing.

  • New Business Development

    We provide schemes to start-up entrepreneurs with technical expertise, manufacturing know-how, marketing information, legal compliance help, opportunity to benchmark, platform to network, access to low cost infrastructure and more. It covers any possible information that a start-up entrepreneur require including information on upcoming fairs and events in Vietnam which related to your interest industry.

  • doing business with Vietnam

    Low maintenance cost, high profit

    Like many developing countries, Vietnam has its share of knock-offs. But even setting the counterfeit goods aside, the cost of living in Vietnam is relatively cheap. While locals complain inflation and a depreciating Vietnam dong is hurting their purchasing power. Travelers bringing US dollars or Euros simply taking money out of the local ATM) will be just fine.

  • overall marketing strategy

    Overall Marketing Strategy

    We provide customized solutions that help you lifestyle insights and detailed demographics to make smarter decisions in the planning, buying and selling of advertising and in your overall marketing strategy in Vietnam.

We promote and offer assistance in trade and investment, tourism, education and training in Vietnam, Singapore and ASEAN countries.


Vietnam Global Network is a Singapore-based marketing consultancy and business training firm with specific focus on Vietnam and Singapore.

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